Weekend Promo: Telltale and Daedalic Adventures up to 90%

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Daedalic Entertainment and Telltale Games titles up to 90% off!

Daedalic Entertainment and Telltale Games have become powerhouses when it comes to adventure games. Thanks to new, more innovative, as well as classic-inspired point-and-click titles, the genre is entering another golden age. With this weeks promo lineup you can all treat yourselves to both old-school gems and innovative new takes on adventuring with one additional treat from slightly different category. What treat, you ask? Of course Daedalic’s recent successful venture into RPG territory–Blackguards Special Edition, a complex turn-based game of deep tactical combat, set in the often-visited world of DarkEye, available for only $22.49.

And now, back to adventure games! One look at the Telltale and Daedalic Adventures–and you’ll probably agree that there is plenty for both newcomers and veterans. Sam & Max Save the World for only $2.99, Back to the Future: The Game for only $2.49, Tales of Monkey Island for only $3.49, Memoria for only $6.66, Deponia 3: Goodbye Deponia for only $6.66, and more! With 20 games in our weekend offering, the next few days should give your hands a steady exercise in pointing and clicking.

Celebrate the past and present golden age of adventure games and check out our Telltale and Daedalic Adventures promo page, to pick your favorite titles. You have until Tuesday, July 29, at 3:59AM GMT to get them up to 90% off. It’s adventuring time!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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