Release: Gods Will Be Watching Special Edition

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A minimalistic point-and-click thriller presented by Devolver Digital.

Gods Will Be Watching, an original adventure game departing from the traditional point-and-click ideas to tell a gripping and disturbing story consisting of six tension-filled scenarios connected by an overarching narrative of intersterral espionage, is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, for $19.99 on The basic edition is available for $19.99. If you have pre-ordered the basic edition, or you if buy it now, you can always upgrade it to Special Edition for extra $9.99.

Gods Will Be Watching is a minimalistic “point and click thriller” centered on despair, commitment, and sacrifice as players face narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas that will affect both the lives of your team and the people you’re are sworn to protect. Set against the backdrop of an interstellar struggle, the game follows Sgt. Burden and his crew in six tense chapters from hostage situations and wilderness survival to biological weapon prevention and agonizing torture scenarios. Each decision is crucial and players will need to choose between the lives of their team and the saving the world from genocide. There’s no good or evil, just decisions, with only you and the gods as a judge to your actions.

If you’re looking for an original gaming experience filled with mature themes and gripping gameplay, you know you can count on Devolver Digital to deliver just that. Pre-order Gods Will Be Watching Special Edition for $19.99 on

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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