Release: Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery

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Deep Space Express

“Space cargo at your doorstep. We deliver!” Simple as it sounds, deep space can be a dangerous place! As Buck Mann, one of the fearless Space Transporters you’ll need to keep your cargo safe by all means necessary. Pirates roam the darker corners of every solar system and there is nothing easy about navigating minefield-like routes peppered with asteroids. As your interstellar esteem grows (not to mention your now-empty wallet) you’ll take on increasingly daring missions and upgrade your ship with a plethora of problem-solving modules. Need more firepower? Laser turrets and missile launchers will take care of that? More speed and manoeuvrability? Install thrusters and power generators! To get your spacecraft through intense battles you’ll need to rebuild your ship in real-time reacting to incoming enemies. And a specific cargo item can be challenge all in itself, with less-then-welcome area effects and a natural tendency to explode in the middle of a boss fight (yes, boss fights!).

Join maverick Buck Mann, a real daredevil among Space Transporters, on his quest to deliver cargo to the farthest corners of the galaxy, get Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery 25% off the original price, at $11.24 on

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