V0.75 CURRY Build is NOW Live


By Sharkster With the release of V0.75 CURRY Build, we reached the first big milestone on our beta roadmap. Patch #003 brings your TOXIKK V0.73 Wasabi build up to V0.75 Curry build. It’s really a BIG milestone for us and you’ll notice that massive maps play almost like an entirely different game from the experience you had with Foundation (i.e. classic maps). Internally we often refer to the difference of the play-styles in classic versus massive maps to be as big as between e.g. CoD and BF. It definitely adds a lot variation to the standard non-vehicle based AFPS game style in our opinion.

Weapon balance was untouched this time, as we are gathering more experience from larger environments with the current weapon setup, before we touch it again. Also, please keep in mind that this patch introduces a lot of new features, so it might still need a lot of tweaking and fixing. That’s what’s great about Early Access… right? ^^

You can find detailed patch notes HERE.

And a little curry teaser to watch while you’re downloading:

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