Release: Hand of Fate

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No folding permitted.

Hand of Fate, a tabletop card game that comes to life, is available now DRM-free on with a 20% discount!

Hand of Fate is a mixed deck of roguelike randomisation, choose-your-adventure storytelling, deckbuilding, and action-rpg gameplay. As the dealer/gamemaster reveals your upcoming adventures, a simple card game transforms into playable 3D worlds where traps, mazes, enemies and great rewards await. Each playthrough will provide you with more and more exciting cards to expand your collection, and the story will unfold according to which cards you choose. Hand of Fate has been praised for its fluid and responsive combat, atmospheric narration and setting, and an absolutely unique concept in gaming to date.

What cards will the Hand of Fate reveal to you? Available now, DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last for one week, until Tuesday, February 24, at 10:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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