Weekend Promo: March Gaming Medley

Classic Games

Stronghold HD, Evil Genius, Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945, and 17 other great classics for as little as $1.79!

There’s an old Polish proverb comparing March to a cooking pot full of boiling brew. You never know what’s inside exactly and what comes up when. It relates–of course–to Central European unstable weather in the early spring, but why shouldn’t we apply the same to our weekend promo? Let’s mix stuff up a little with our March Gaming Medley. So, what’s in the pot? A rich base of strategic classics, a solid serving of Sci-Fi, and some explosive action to make it irresistibly spicy. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, or a full sit-down three-course meal, we’ve got you covered with our 70% off discount offer. Here’s what’s on the menu!

Stronghold HD (only $1.79!) and Stronghold Crusader HD (only $2.99) are the High Definition editions of these two “castle sim” classics. Adjusted to modern displays they allow for much better control of the playfield and deliver awe-inspiring view of life-like medieval landscape. With great range of things the player needs to take care of–including establishing a sustainable economy, erecting a keep and defending it from enemy raids, and finally conquering neighbouring estates–both games present a worthwhile challenge to strategy fans.

For strategy fans who appreciate humor, we’ve got Evil Genius, a real-time mad scientist lair management sim in which you terrorize the world with your inventions. This fantastic title delivers some of the greatest comedic moments you’ll ever experience in a game. The characters, the setting, and all of the facilities and gadgets make it the best Bond villain simulator in existence! This weekend, you can start expanding your empire of evil for only $2.99.

Or maybe strategy isn’t your thing and you prefer to get right into the middle of action? That can be arranged. Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945 will drop you off in the middle of the ruined German capital in the final days of World War II. You’ll take part in some of the events that ended the greatest war in human history and strike against the remnants of the Nazi forces with surgical precision. Just remember, move slowly, calculate each step with care, and stay low, as you’re not the only elite sniper left in Berlin! All that suspense and excitement for only $2.99.

That’s just a small taste of what our March Gaming Medley holds in store for you. Be sure to visit March Gaming Medley to see the entire selection of games available 70% off until Tuesday, March 11, at 4:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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