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Bad influence. Just like the Roadrunner cartoons.

Remember, this is all just a game. You’ll play as the amnesiac Steve (who is such a kidder!) as you try to figure out why you should join the Order of the Harvest Moon and discover the horror that lurks just beneath Harvest’s small-town veneer. Meet some of the strangest characters to ever grace the computer screen–such as Mr. Pottsdam who really, really loves red meat or Colonel Monroe who guards the nuclear missile base and holds The Button. Harvest is a lovely town and the locals aim to keep it that way, no matter the cost…

Harvester is believed by some to be the inspiration for establishing the Entertainment Software Rating Board, as the game’s first public showing at 1994 CES caused enough controversy to take the debate over violence in games to a whole new level. This title takes every possible opportunity to throw gore and graphic violence at the player. It wasn’t, however, designed only to shock the audience. It’s trippy story taking off in small-town America and touching down in mass-murderville can easily be attributed with a deeper meaning. How dark is the darkness at the bottom of the human soul? In its own campy, over-the-top way, this unique title looks for the answer to that question. With traditional puzzle-oriented point-and-click gameplay, live-action sequences, and characters portrayed by real-life actors, this nearly 20 year old game is still more than enjoyable. That is, if you can stomach the gore.

If you want to see a game that would never have a chance to be made in modern times, you really need a copy of Harvester, for only $5.99 on

PS. The team would like to heartlily thank our long-time user and supporter, tfishell, whose help in securing the release rights for this title was invaluable!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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