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As long as everything runs smoothly, no one will even notice–or appreciate–your work. A competent government can be pretty much invisible. Efficiently governed states are like fine-tuned engines. They run silently. It’s when you hit a bump is what gets you noticed. Pass one regulation that doesn’t agree well with a particular social group. Revoke a privilege. Raise a tax. The quiet and civil modern society turned into medieval angry bobs with torches and pitchforks over lesser things. Tread lightly. Of course, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid conflict and please all the sides. No, scratch that. It’s almost never possible to do so. There you have it–just when you thought public office is all comfort and peace. You couldn’t have been more mistaken. But then again, miracles do happen. Are you a political miracle-worker?

Democracy 3 is a deep and complex simulation of the modern society, that presents you with a meticulous model of a living, working, breathing state and puts you in charge of its happiness and well being. With a ton of in-depth statistics allowing you to see what exactly your citizens feel and think, your political career should be so much easier than in real life where your knowledge of public opinion would depend solely on flawed opinion polls, social analysis, and guesswork. But even with that advantage running a society can be difficult and you will–from time to time–fail. Should that be the case, you could always pick up the Social Engineering expansion for only $4.99 more, and try to put a positive spin on your shortcomings. The world of modern politics waits to embrace you welcomingly, with its slightly sticky fingers.

If you ever, even once, felt upset by what the people in charge of your country are doing, try walking a mile in their shoes in Democracy 3, for only $12.49. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you CAN do it better, and end up going into actual politics? Anyway, the Indie Gem Promo offer lasts only until Thursday, March 6, at 10:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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