Release: Sword of the Samurai

Classic Games

A game ancient as feudal Japan itself.

In Sword of the Samurai, you will be part of the culture of feudal Japan, and you must learn to live by its rules. To succeed as a samurai, you must think like the samurai. Learn when to leave your sword in its sheath, when to draw it – and what to do with it once it’s drawn. You will fight duels, lead troops on the battlefield, and defend your family against assassins and kidnappers. If you are courageous and honorable, you may advance to become the head of your clan, and warlord of your province. If you master diplomacy and generalship, and outmaneuver your rivals, you may even become Shogun – absolute ruler of Japan. But remember that in all cultures power corrupts – and those who seek absolute power don’t always play by the rules.

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Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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