Release: CLARC

Classic Games

Drunken robots, nuclear bombs, what can possibly go wrong?

Have you ever been the only sober guy at a raucous party? It’s tough being the designated savior of a factory full of robots who found out that diesel not only works as a fuel but also gets them drunk three sheets to the wind. With the supervising supercomputer gone missing, the rowdy robots have stopped working altogether. All of them except our humble hero, Clarc. It’s up to him to save the day as a gigantic spaceship that seems to specialize in dismantling out-of-control nuclear bomb factories arrives to spoil the party. He’ll have to break his programming, rescue his co-workers, and save the girl (she’s literally the bomb!) while solving a slew of mind-bending puzzles.

Join CLARC on his puzzling adventure to save his friends and his girl for only $5.99 (25% of the full price) until 9:59 AM GMT 22 May 2014.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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