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The first part of our daily news items to showcase the content of our upcoming v0.95 build is a closer look at one of the new maps: Based on the idea and BSP of one of our community members (Zedek the PD), AR-Cube is a nice example of a super light-weight and fast played map.

With its HOLP (Hardcore Oldschool Low-Poly) design, AR-Cube may seem like an antithesis to many of the already existing maps in TOXIKK. But we believe that only a wide variety of maps and map-styles will transfer the ideals of the AFPS genre towards a wider audience.

AR-Cube is packed with a nice arsenal: The Cerberus, the Violator and the Stingray …plus tons of ammunition and health packs. The Max Damage and Speedshot booster add to the speed of the gameplay and make AR-Cube a blast to play especially for 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 matches. And while the map may seem simple from its layout, do not underestimate its challenging jump combinations, required to grab the weapons and booster pick-ups.

With its clean, straight-forward design and illumination, all players have great visibility in every corner of the map. Its simple structure also comes with the benefit of incredibly high frame rates. Despite its pretty complex surface shaders (which give its simple cubistic structure a still somewhat architecturally believable appearance), the map should run well in the three digits FPS range even on mid-class GPUs (in full HD and at “ultra” details setting).

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