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A legendary comeback to take earth back.

X-COM Classic Bundle, a pack containing five games that set the bar for both tactical and chaotic extraterrestrial warfare, is now available DRM-free on with a 75% launch discount. Scavenging the bundle for individual parts grants you a 50% discount on each one.

Is there any gamer left on the planet still unfamiliar with the X-COM legacy? Sure, the organization that was put together when the alien threat reared its ugly head was a project largely kept secret for global security reasons, but the games chronicling its exploits made quite a splash. And for good reason.

When alien invaders do come knocking at Earth’s door again, this is what every stalwart protector should have studied in order to prepare themselves for any possible scenario. It’s all in here: The tactical, close-combat encounters with alien intruders coming from the far-away corners of space, forcing X-COM to build a UFO Defense. The extensive research on alien technology that helped scientists understand how to fight back the Terror from the Deep that emerged from our unexplored oceans. The deep-space fighting against the advancing alien forces that called for a highly-skilled Interceptor. The desperate fight of a single scientist using scavenged alien technology to clear the streets of aliens as a brutal Enforcer. But did we ever manage to fully cancel the Apocalypse and secure our little corner in the galaxy? That is yet to be determined, commander.

Fight the alien forces across five games that (re)defined entire genres in the X-COM Classic Bundle, DRM-free on The 75% bundle discount and the 50% individual discounts will last until April 5, 12:59 PM GMT.

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