Weekly Staff Picks: Face the Music

Classic Games

Brutal Legend, Beatbuddy, FRACT OSC and Symphony up to 80% off!

What has one head, works at GOG.com, and is permanently attached to to a pair of headphones? Everyone here. We do love ourselves some tunes, even if that means we’re a little withdrawn sometimes. That’s precisely why this week we’re going to Face The Music: that means getting together to rock some of our favorite musical games! Care to join us? We’re putting them all on discounts up to 80% off!

Brutal Legend is so heavy metal, it has to wear floaties just to go swimming. Jack Black stars in this action-adventure where metal gods rule the world of barbarian goblins and axe wielding babes. Brutal guitar riffs are one thing, but if you’re more about that bass, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians’ rhythmic soundtrack will pound your universe into submission – you’ll float along a hand-painted, reverberating 2D landscape in a search for your own mortality. FRACT OSC is an exploration and music-creation game, in which you’ll travel an abstract world full of musical puzzles, playing your way all the way through to the very ambient end. If you prefer a more familiar music experience, Symphony will build the action around your favorite tracks which can be imported into the game itself.

These four rock-solid titles at up to 80% off are our Weekly Staff Picks: Face The Music. The rock will roll for 72 hours, until Thursday, February 19, at 4:59 AM GMT.

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