Release: Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

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This is how a new age of epic fantasy RPGs was spawned.

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition, which marked the triumphant resurgence of epic party-based RPGs, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount.

Some RPG enthusiasts enjoy customizing their character and carefully picking their travelling companions based on both their personalities and combat skills. Some enjoy dark, engaging narratives with branching elements and dozens of side-quests. Others just want to hack at giant dragons and demonic hordes. Dragon Age: Origins walked the extra mile, also letting players shape their legendary Grey Warden by playing through their unique backstory. The whirlwind of wild magic, gruesome battles, complex politics, tough moral choices, and dramatic moments that ensued further helped cement this epic adventure as one of the most influential ones in recent memory. And that was even before that night when Morrigan approached you with a certain offer…

Gather your party of memorable NPCs and venture against the tides of darkness in Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition, DRM-free on
The 60% launch discount will last until July 21, 12:59 PM UTC.

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