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Worms W.M.D., an exciting return to the roots, is available for pre-order now, DRM-free on

Team 17 is turning 21 years old — and to mark the occasion, their biggest and foremost series is going back to the roots where it counts — as well as expanding in new and exciting ways!

If there’s one thing to note about Worms W.M.D. outright, is that at its very core are the very same beloved physics behind Worms: Armageddon. Recreated from the subtle intricacies of movement and shooting, the oddities, all the way through the delicate matter of the ninja rope.
Team 17 is bringing back the most adored weapons that have shown up throughout the series like the Concrete Donkey and Holy Hand Grenade. But there’s a lot new here too — a weapon crafting system breathes new life into the classic arsenal (and gives you something to do between turns), tanks and helicopters introduce a new layer of mobility and destruction, and accessible building interiors provide tactical cover from the fires of wormy hell.
The worms have gotten a makeover too, but the hand-painted 2D battlefields remain, as always, your greatest friend and enemy in single-player and ranked multiplayer mayhem.

Check out the trailer below, and pre-order Worms W.M.D. – a modern take on a classic formula – DRM-free on

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