Release: Infinium Strike

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Resistance is successful; prepare to be assimilated!

Infinium Strike, a tactical tower-defense where you give the alien scum a taste of their own organic medicine, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 15% launch discount.

Our space expansion efforts were going reeeal peachy until an alien armada, called the Wrog, showed up and started wiping out Earth’s thriving colonies with their advanced organic ships. It took humanity a while to get over the shock and regroup, but in 2170 we finally managed to put together a super-weapon of our own: the massive battlecarrier Freedom Strike. Now let’s see how these galactic bullies will do against its interchangeable turrets, SuperTech abilities, and specialized drones! Go ahead and blast wave after wave of Wrog ships, then salvage the alien wreckage for the living metal Infinium and repurpose it to enhance your gargantuan battlecarrier. Punish the invaders both through the full campaign and in the arcade mode that will make you a leaderboard legend. Taste some organic metal, you extraterrestrial filth!

Prepare your Infinium Strike DRM-free on The 15% launch discount will last until July 21, 4:59 PM UTC.

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