Release: Mount & Blade Series + FREE Game!

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Be at the heart of every skirmish. Original Mount & Blade FREE for 48 hours!

With the sound of a thousand horses riding in furious gallop and warriors shouting their battlecry from the top of their lungs, the Mount & Blade series storms! For the next 48 hours you can sign up for a free copy of the original Mount & Blade on the front page. You can also grab all the remaining titles in the Mount & Blade Series, that is Warband, With Fire and Sword, and Napoleonic Wars bundled up to 75% off. That’s only $10.97* for the entire Mount & Blade collection (including the first one in the series that comes free). Finally, you can pre-order the upcoming Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest DLC, expected to launch mid-December, 20% off!

Mount & Blade is a series best known for it’s diverse and organic free-form sand-box gameplay. You are free to go anywhere in a world with more than a hundred unique locations including villages, castles and towns. The groundbreaking horseback combat mechanics and large-scale battle simulations you can experience across the Mount & Blade series are simply peerless! The Warband expansion introduced multiplayer battles with up to 64 players to give us the next best thing to actually meeting in the field, ironclad and ready for war. Each of the iterations presents a different fictional or factual campaigns. The events, the setting, the combat tactics, equipment, and cultural details are firmly rooted in historical knowledge. You can be anything from a lonesome adventurer to a commander of armies or an owner of villages, castles or towns – there is no limit to what you can achieve with your chivalry or villainy. And if what the series offers still isn’t quite enough for you, make sure to check out hundreds of available mods prepared by the game’s very active community.

There are a few gameworlds as enthralling as the ones you’ll get to see from horseback in this amazing series of games, now available DRM-free on! The original Mount & Blade is free on GOG until Friday, Nov. 14, at 1:59PM GMT – make sure to sign up for your free copy on the front page. In that time, you can also get the rest of the Mount & Blade Series for only $10.97* – that’s 75% off in our special bundle (60% off when purchasing separate titles). The 20% off pre-order offer on the Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest DLC will remain active until the DLC arrives.

*$10.97 is the discounted bundle price for this title in the US. Other prices will apply in different countries. If you end up paying more than than the US price, we will reimburse the difference from our own pocket, giving it back to you in store credit (this is what we call the “Fair Price Package”).

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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