Release: Ascendant

Classic Games

How many likes would a roguelike-like give if a roguelike-like could like roguelike-likes?

The gods may be crazy but they remain very deadly. As a demigod yourself, you’ll be invading the realms of your pesky, pernicious rivals to take their power by force. You’ll have a varied assortment of blessings that will spice up the fights. Blessings such as Serket’s Venom, where you fill the screen with malicious poison, or the Flames of Agni, for those times when you really want to feel the burn! Besides, who doesn’t love fire!?!?

With the permadeath and random generation of levels that are found in the classic roguelikes, melee combat with a healthy dose of awe-inspiring divine might thrown in, Ascendant offers a healthy challenge to the beat-em up connoisseur while pleasing the eye with its unique graphical style.

Become a demigod and cast “Fist!” (or the equivalent thereof!) at your rivals in Ascendant now on for $8.49 (15% off the full price) until 9:59 AM GMT on 20 May 2014.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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