Content Update: Terraria 1.3

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It just won’t stop growing.

Originally released in early 2011 – Terraria – the infinite pixel playground, receives yet another MAJOR content update. So major it could be an expansion pack, but it’s not – it’s free and it’s four years in the making – because the developers love you so very much.

Terraria is an open-world platformer in which you build, mine, craft, and fight your way across big and diverse procedurally-generated realms. If you have yet to take your first baby steps in one of the most immense video games out there, this is a wicked good time to get your copy while it’s 25% off for the next 48 hours – that’s until July 2, at 4:59 PM GMT.

The 1.3 Changelog is huge – it’s over 20,000 characters long and includes new features like a fresh Expert mode, a photo/camera mode for the creative, new environments and enemies, and hundreds of gameplay changes and quality of life fixes like revamped town NPCs. Somewhere down the list of changes you’ll also find a bullet point that mentions over 800 new items to discover. No biggie though.

Pick up your copy or grab the newest patch right now, and get lost, in the biggest sandbox adventure ever!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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