The Witcher 9th Anniversary Sale – up to 85% off

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Discover the epic saga that redefined fantasy RPGs.

He has been called many names. The White Wolf. The Butcher of Blaviken. The ultimate Gwent addict. The slicer of prices. His adventures have reshaped the land around him and the gaming landscape along with it. Featuring an intoxicating mix of intense combat, engaging quests, branching storylines, and unforgettable characters, the Witcher series make for an unmissable experience. And an unmissable The Witcher Anniversary Sale, where all entries in the Witcher universe are up to 85% off, DRM and mutations-free!

In celebration of these 9 glorious years since the release of The Witcher, Geralt raises his glass and invites everyone to discover the spectacular adventures we’ve had in his company. So take a sip of Toussaint’s finest and prepare to immerse yourself in the intricate, amoral world of the white-haired wanderer from Rivia, taking advantage of these tasty discounts:

–The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -33%
–The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition -20%
–Blood and Wine expansion -15%
–Hearts of Stone expansion -15%
–The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings -85%
–The Witcher: Enhanced Edition -85%
–The Witcher Adventure Game -75%

The Witcher Anniversary Sale will last until Monday, October 24th, 4:59 PM UTC. Happy hunting!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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