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Ronin, turn-based, stealth-based, awesome-based action release, is available DRM-free on! Get it for Windows (with Linux and OS X versions coming soon), DRM-free on with a 25% launch discount.

Ronin is a, wait for it, turn-based action platformer. Just think of the possibilities. It’s a game in which you play as a brutally agile, precise and ridiculously cool masked warrior: a female killer on the prowl. Armed with a katana, piano wire, and the godlike ability to stop and think – you’ll become a ruthless, calculating, bullet dodging killing machine. Ronin features a unique take on action platforming and turn-based combat, making each encounter equal parts puzzle game and deeply satisfying action encounter.

You can also pick up the Digital Special Edition, which includes a full color digital comic and the original soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC format.

Get your sword kiddo, we’re out for revenge in Ronin, DRM-free on The 25% launch discount will last for one week, until July 7, 2:59 PM GMT.

In the press:

“I’d say it’s like being Batman, but I think it’s more like being Batman if Batman ever said, “To hell with this crap”.” —PCGamesN

“Ronin has struck upon a novel form of combat that feels so pat and pleasing that it’s kind of amazing it hasn’t been done before. […] Combat which manages to be both balletic and intensely strategic – a rare combination.” —Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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