Weekend Promo: Stardock meets Paradox

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Two strategy/RPG powerhouses in one mega-promo: up to 80% off almost every Stardock and Paradox game!

Usually, when you’re told that you’re going to be sharing some space with a person you’ve never met, the first things you wonder are whether you two will be compatible and if they own a handheld console. But every once in awhile, the match ends up being so perfect that you feel like it should had happened long ago. When Stardock meets Paradox, this is exactly the vibe you’ll get as you’re browsing through their combined list of games and look at the sweet discounts we put on them.

Coming hot from the Kickstarter oven, Pillars of Eternity delivered this “modern classic” vibe that fans of the isometric RPGs of yore were craving. And it did it with the gusto and confidence we have come to expect from Obsidian.

The enormous scale and sandbox qualities of the games are what set them apart, but it’s Stardock’s commitment to constantly improving and expanding their potential that has grabbed the attention of all known species in the galaxy.

When Stardock meets Paradox you know you’re in for a real treat. It’s a great list of quality strategy/RPGs that should be on everyone’s collection, like Sins of a Solar Empire, Hearts of Iron II, Majesty Gold, Sorcerer King, and many more, going for up to 80% off. The promo will last until April 19, 3:59 AM UTC.

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