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Jack is Life! Jack is Love! The Keaning is happening!

Most sales are just that: some nice deals, tons of games, some flowery marketing talk about those deals. Nothing more, nothing less. As you know, last year we ran our The Insomnia Promo was different. Very, very different. It morphed into something beyond our wildest expectations. Entire communities were staying awake for this sale. The RPG Codex was busily snapping up and all classic RPGs. 4chan’s very own /v/ put aside their usual bickering about which console was best and started trying to find The Pattern (sorry guys, you didn’t crack it :^) ). Meanwhile, Jack Keane acquired a cult following (JACK IS LOVE! JACK IS LIFE!) all the while collecting a flurry of 5 star reviews where gamers documented all sorts of miraculous manifestations of Jack’s blessing in their lives. Lastly, the Insomnia promo garnered its own entry on our wishlist.

Welcome to our Spring Insomnia Sale! Back by popular demand*, we will be putting up 100 games in limited quantities** with discounts up to 90%. We’ll have more games for sale than Noah had animals in his ark. Indies. Classics. Classic indies, even. All kinds of games for all kinds of gamers. However, you have to be fast, faster than those Polish script kiddies*** lurking outside our offices so they can get 0.1 ms of ping!

We did change things up a bit this year. While checking out, keep an eye peeled for a random chance to get a free game. Yes, this time there will be no more split second freebies so everyone has an equal chance 🙂

*why would you do this to yourselves, you mad fools?!?!
**yes, we know that all games are being distributed digitally and quantities can be infinite, just roll with it, ok?
***it was a common theory that all the free games were being snatched up by Polish hackers. We don’t have any hackers here in Poland, we deported them all…somewhere…

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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