Weekend Promo: IndieMix up to 85% off!

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Miasmata, the Geneforge Saga, Hotline Miami, and more up to 85% off!

Indie games are always throwing something interesting into the mixed bag that is gaming. Untried concepts that would seem like a risk to the big AAA publishers (whose games tend to have budgets that require scientific notation) are brought to life. Concepts such as an alternative version of Texas, or an 8-bit open world romp through the video game memories of yesteryear have all been brough to us by indie games with all the attention to detail and love of the craft that an indie developer can provide.

Let’s check out what we we’ve got in our own trail mix of indies in the IndieMix Promo!

Are you an explorer? Does the thought of making your own map using triangulation, yes, actual triangulation!, get you all excited? Then book a ticket to Miasmata for only $2.99! After being stranded on an unknown island, you must search the island for the cure to your own illness. Be careful as you are not alone!

Some RPGs will have you rolling your party for hours on end before you can even set one foot out the door. While that can be fun, sometimes it’s easier to create party members on the fly, so to speak. Create your own party members using your very will–a single hulking behemoth or a herd of rapid-sting scorpions–in the world of Geneforge 1-5 Yours for only $3.74!

Fiending for a bit of the old ultra-violence? Are you done with being the nice guy, the so-called Chosen One, and saving princesses? Yeah, so are we! That’s why we took a drive down to the Sunshine State and signed Hotline Miami for those of you who cried out “No more Mr. Nice Guy!” Snatch it now for $2.49!

This was just a taste of what’s in store for you in our weekend promo! We have so many other interesting indies in our trail mix or, rather, IndieMix Promo until Tuesday, May 13th, at 3:59 AM GMT!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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