Weekly Staff Picks: Supreme Sound

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Up to 75% off Bastion, Gabriel Knight, Torchlight and more.

You know how they say that half the taste is in the smell? Well, we think that half the game is in the sound. That’s why this week on Weekly Staff Picks, we’re featuring Supreme Sound – games that just wouldn’t be the same on mute. That’s six games from 50% to 75% off – listen up:

VVVVV and Super Hexagon are a chiptune thunderdome, the good kind – with thick, growling lows and piercing highs that put you in a breakneck trance. Go. Repeat. Go. Repeat! Latin music? Like a shot of adrenaline, Total Overdose redefines it. It’s a mix of bass-heavy rock sounds, rhythmic Hip Hop, and fight music straight off the streets of Mexico City. Then there are Bastion’s sounds and sights: Logan Cunningham’s serene narration laid over electronic beats, folk strings, overdriven guitars, and far-east influences produce an energetic ambiance that just has to be heard. In this week’s promo, you’ll also hear Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition’s completely re-recorded cult score, and Torchlight’s eerie backdrop (by Diablo’s Matt Uelmen) that call you ever deeper into the infinite dungeon.

Weekly Staff Picks: Supreme Sound is a selection of games that would never be complete without a talented team of sound-designers, and a nice pair of headphones. The promo will last until Thursday, April 9, at 9:59 AM GMT.

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