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What’s up pussycat?

Don’t you like making other people listen to your music? They have to pretend to like it, and it’s especially fun if you pick one of those ten-hour versions you can find on YouTube. Well, we’re letting you do that to us.

We want you to help us pick our theme song, something that really gives off the vibe. Then, we’re going to play it for one full workday, on repeat, continuously. We’re letting you put our whole office at your mercy.

How exactly can you join in on this looped madness?

It’s simple. Pick a song that you think is the perfect theme song for Post a link to it along with the title and artist, and we will pick the one that will be used to delight our entire Warsaw office. We’ll make sure to document the fateful day somehow and share it with the world – so stay tuned after the contest ends for some quality entertainment!

We loved how many of you participated in our previous contest, “Show off your (old) gear, win shiny new (ROCCAT) gear!”, which is why we’re teaming up with the good folks from ROCCAT once again – this time to bring you their newest headset to hit the market: the ROCCAT Kave.
How’s that for a prize? 😉 The winner will also get a small avalanche of game codes to additionally celebrate their victory.

While we’ll only be able to play one song on a nearly eternal, 10-hour loop, there’ll surely be more than one good suggestion – that’s why every hour we’ll take a short break to feature one other song. Nine honorable mentions will be awarded and their songs added to our playlist of doom.


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