Simulator Games now on GOG.COM – get them up to -45%

Classic Games

PC Building Simulator, Ultimate Fishing Simulator, and Plane Mechanic Simulator are now DRM-free and up to 45% off!

In PC Building Simulator (-30%), you can find out how “easy” it really is to plug a Ryzen 5 Six-Core 1600X to a Z170 Mtech motherboard, with two GeForce GTX 1060s in SLI. To celebrate the arrival of the game into the DRM-free world, Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corp have announced the upcoming release of special GOG-branded in-game wallpapers as well as a custom GOG/NZXT in-game case in the GOG version.

Hop on a boat with your fishing rod and a healthy amount of bait to catch some feisty sea creatures in Ultimate Fishing Simulator (-45%). Toggle between the realistic mode for a slow-paced and contemplative experience or the normal mode that will always make sure you have a marine opponent coming up soon.

Lose your mind playing around with 800 bits and pieces in Plane Mechanic Simulator (-20%), a game that will test your ability to learn quickly about the mechanic powering warplanes of the Royal Air Force.

Discounts for newly released simulator games are valid until May 31, 1 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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