DLC: Democracy 3: Extremism

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This is a local democracy for local people!

Stretching the very meaning of the word “democracy”, Winston Churchill once stated that “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. While we cannot say whether he was completely right, we can say that after a few rounds of our own play through of Democracy 3, we were seriously looking into installing a dictatorship, for efficiency’s sake. The original game would not let us become the dictators we secretly dreamed of being in the depths of our collective cold, black hearts.

Fortunately, Positech Games realized that sometimes everyone needs to go to extreme lengths to ensure one’s country doesn’t fall apart at the seams. Enter DLC: Democracy 3: Extremism. With new policies and situations that veer either to the far left or the far right, you too can now pass into law the most extreme policies. Want to make reciting the national anthem before breakfast a requirement? Or how about banning divorce or private education? Care to see whether you can ban any and all immigration into your country? You have the freedom and the right to bring in the policy you desire, whether The People like it…or not.

Vote early, vote often, and in as many districts as possible for the best candidate in Democracy 3: Extremism, only $4.99 a vote on GOG.com!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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