Weekly Staff Picks: Samurai vs Cowboys

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If killing is your trade, you better make sure to do it with style. The Samurai know this all too well, delivering death in their ridiculously fabulous armor while wielding finely-crafted stabbing instruments. But are they any match for the scruffy-looking, gun-toting warriors of the West? Let’s find out by letting them battle it out in our Weekly Staff Picks: Samurai vs Cowboys — pitching revolvers against katanas, wide-brimmed hats against spiky helmets, and loose leather vests against tight, colorful cuirasses. It’s a fierce duel between surefire classics and deeply-cut prices where everyone’s a winner.

For most people, the far West is considered to be a relic of the past. Taking on the role of a space cowboy in open-world action/adventure Rebel Galaxy, though, will convince you to also consider it a thing of the future. Because exploring the far galaxies, outgunning space bandits, and collecting hard-earned bounties proves that fashion goes around in circles; and that a sharp tongue can sometimes get you places easier than a fast ship.

Taming the West during its wild years sure was tough and being (un)dead definitely doesn’t make matters any easier. Seeking vengeance in the brutal afterlife of Hard West takes turn-based patience, gear-collecting obsession, and painful decision-making. There is no country for dead men but perhaps there can be a semblance of peace. Or bloody retribution.

Now, fancy gut-piercers and shiny bullet-propellers are fine on their own but why choose when you can have both? Shadow Warrior (2013) lets you blast through exotic locales as pissed-off shogun Lo Wang, taking in all the sights in first person and wreaking havoc with weapons or magic to any other person standing in your way.

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