Release: Fear Equation

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Runaway train never going back.

Fear Equation, a first-person strategy game about managing a fright train, is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac with a 25% launch discount.

There is something unnervingly wrong about the fog that has recently engulfed the world of Fear Equation. It doesn’t just make people assume their greatest horrors are hidden within. It actually brings them to life.

A thundering locomotive penetrates this nightmarish barrier – heading towards rumored safety, seeking refuge for its one hundred and fifty forlorn passengers. You are at the helm of that train and your job is to plan the course, manage supplies, and handle all the unexpected occurrences that threaten to derail your mission. Remember: these people are your responsibility but they are not your allies. If you are to keep them safe, you must first keep them out.

Make sure you reach your destination and solve this Fear Equation, DRM-free on The 25% discount will last until January 22, 1:59 PM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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