Release: Neverending Nightmares

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Wouldn’t you wan’t to wake up?

Neverending Nightmares, a psychological horror game inspired by the developer’s actual battle with mental illness, is available 10% off on That’s only $13.49 for the first week.

In Neverending Nightmares, you take on the role of Thomas who awakens from a terrible nightmare only to find that he is still dreaming. As he descends deeper through the layers of hellish dreamscapes, he must hide from horrifying apparitions and outrun his inner demons. He must discover which of the horrors he encounters are a manifestation of his own psychological state and figure out what reality will be when he finally wakes up.

Explore terrifying nightmare worlds inspired by real life struggles with OCD and depression in Neverending Nightmares, for S 13.49 on The 10% off special release discount lasts until Friday, October 3, at 2:59PM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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