Release: Punch Club

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The black eye of the tiger.

Punch Club, a rocky-solid fighting manager, is available now DRM-free on for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Science has irrefutably proven that witnessing your dad’s murder in a dark alley yields a 68.3% chance of transforming you into a fist-swinging bringer of street justice. But in order to fulfil this noble destiny one must also train hard, obsess over carbohydrate consumption, and always look good in boxer shorts.

Hit the gym, the steamed chicken breasts, and anyone that looks at you the wrong way or from across the ring. Get used to getting knocked out but never get comfortable with it. Be sure to use your noggin not just to wear out your opponent’s mean left but to make the right decisions when customizing your fighting build or juggling your social, financial, and everyday life. The path to your father’s killer is paved with sweaty treadmills, loose teeth, and blood-thirsty crowds. Micromanage and fight your way through it for that sweet sweet uppercut of personal gratification.

Learn to always punch high on your road to greatness and start taking about the Punch Club, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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