Weekly Staff Picks: Nice Hair

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Up to 90% off some neatly groomed games: Brütal Legend, Hatoful Boyfriend, Earthworm Jim 1+2, Fran Bow, and more!

You can tell a lot about a videogame character by the way they wear their hair (hey, that rhymes!). It might look dishevelled to match their whimsical personality. Or closely trimmed to let everyone know that they get things done. Then some are completely hairless because, frankly, hair products cost plenty of gold and who’s got the time to be staring in the mirror all day when there are monsters on the loose? But Nice Hair goes a long way, and it might even get you an up to 90% discount, if you play your cards right!

The signature metalhead manes are only a small part of Brütal Legend‘s appeal. Turn the volume up and let them flow against the wind as you drive around in your hot rod, taking in the wildly imaginative world, gory action, and hilarious interactions.

Fran Bow‘s full bangs make her look adorable but also greatly determined. Looking for your wayward cat inside a nightmarish asylum is no child’s play, after all. And when Fran overcomes the puzzles and talks to the other inmates, some even darker truths will emerge…

Earthworm Jim doesn’t need facial -or any- hair to look badass. What he needs are his eccentric guns, oddball enemies, and intense action/platforming antics. Perhaps a slimy sidekick that can change shapes will come in handy too.

Treat yourself to some stylish games that will make you look extra fabulous. After all, everybody deserves to have as Nice Hair as these guys: Hatoful Boyfriend, VVVVVV, Shadow Man, and the others!
The promo will last until September 16, 9:59 AM UTC.

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