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Deep space 6.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, a compelling strategy/RPG with lots of space for base building, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 15% launch discount.

Ever been to Halcyon 6? That’s where a decommissioned starbase stands looming over the borders of Terran space, left behind by an enigmatic precursor race. An army of aliens is about to make its move against Earth, and Halcyon 6 will become our last hope of defense. Provided that you can upgrade, reinforce it, and bring it back in full working order, Commander.

Halcyon 6 lets you tap into the base’s hidden potential by rebuilding and equipping its facilities, then manning them with the most talented crew in the galaxy. The surrounding star clusters are begging to be explored but only venture there if you’re ready to tackle the turn-based challenges either with your spaceship or your crew. Perhaps the situation can be peacefully resolved through diplomacy? Or your new alien allies can offer their assistance, if you ask them nicely.

Restore Halcyon 6 to its former glory before you go seeking new challenges in nearby stars, DRM-free on
The 15% launch discount will last until September 20, 12:59 PM UTC.

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