Weekend Promo: Ubisoft Completion

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Bring some extra class to your collection: 85% off for Ubisoft completionists, 66% off individual games!

There are good games, great games, and those that are considered essentials. The Ubisoft catalog contains all three kinds but it’s up to you to decide which is which. Perhaps you want to grab all that you’re missing for the sweet 85% discount and sort ’em out later? Or you can pick out just the ones that shall form the solid foundation of your collection and lay them down for 66% off!

Few series have maintained such consistent quality across such a long run. One need only look into the wistful eyes of RPG lovers as they recall their first-person adventures in the worlds of Might and Magic as a testament to the series’ greatness.

Whether you are a fan of the Sands of Time trilogy or favor the fairytale qualities of Prince of Persia 2008, the impossible acrobatics and slick presentation will immediately transport you to this magical land full of addictive action/platforming.

Few sandbox FPSs can compete with the impressive detail and breakneck action offered by Far Cry 1+ 2. And if you factor in the top-notch visuals and challenging A.I., it’s not hard to see why the series achieved its classic status right off the bat.

See something you like? How about Settlers 3, Rayman Origins, Assassin’s Creed, Heroes of Might & Magic®, or all these other Ubisoft classics going for 66/85% off? The promo will last until September 13, 7:59 AM UTC.

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