Weekly Staff Picks: Double Fine, Triple Treat

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50-60% off Grim Fandango Remastered, Broken Age, and Massive Chalice.

Double Fine Productions – it’s the studio responsible for some of our favorite gaming experiences in the past few years. Even better, they’re a studio made up of the folks that gave us some our absolute favorite gaming memories ever. This week we’re highlighting three of the greatest recent hits by the team that influenced the gaming industry across the years – it’s Weekly Staff Picks: Double Fine, Triple Treat, and 50-60% off!

There is no argument, Grim Fandango ranks among the most brilliant and innovative adventure games ever created. It earned a well-deserved, massive cult following for the unique Mexican-folklore setting, brilliant voice acting and all-around design perfection. Though the original release was a flawed product of its time in the gameplay department, Grim Fandango Remastered brings the entire experience up to modern day standards for a game that can easily be called one of the absolute best ever. MASSIVE CHALICE, the team’s most recent release, is a completely different experience – it’s a strategy title that takes place across ages and generations – the sheer scale of its timeline requires you to plan for years and years ahead as the Immortal Ruler of a nation locked in epic conflict. Finally, there’s Broken Age, a title that’s important not just as Tim Schafer’s grand return to adventure gaming, but because it kickstarted a renaissance of classic game design and a generation of games free from corporate publishing deals and bottom lines.

Something historical, something innovative, and something trendsetting – it’s Double Fine, Triple Treat on our Weekly Staff Picks! Treat yourself triple to deals at 50-60% off until Thursday, July 30, 9:59 AM GMT.

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