Victor Vran: Developer Q&A

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Have questions that only the devs can answer?

Join the team behind Victor Vran for a special Q&A session!

Two guys from Haemimont Games, Boyan (Lead Designer) and Momchil (Designer), are here to answer all your pressing questions about the game, the life behind game development, or their favorite type of sandwich.

Our guests:

BOYAN (Lead Designer, BoyanD): “My love for games got me into game journalism and later I co-wrote the second Bulgarian tabletop roleplaying systems.”
— Worked mainly on combat, monster design and bosses for Victor Vran
— Also worked on the Tropico series, Omerta, The First Templar & more
— He’s a huge fan of Guild Wars, board games, and card games

MOMCHIL (Designer, uncle_quenchy): “I create content that would make the average gamer cry in frustration and throw his PC out of the window”
— Loves his job in game design
— One of his favorite games is Bad Rats. Least favorite is sports.

Ground rules:

1. Not all questions might get answered during the Q&A. Feel free to read along anyway and hang out with us, though – it’s gonna be fun anyway!

2. Be nice. No abuse, harassment, name-calling and the like.

3. Don’t spam or take over the thread to go off-topic. This will let us keep up with questions – and keep our guests involved!

4. Try to look through some recent questions before asking a new one – your question may have already been addressed.

5. Try to keep it about Rampart. Just kidding, we’re sure the devs have lots of subjects aside from Victor Vran they’d love to chat about.

Let’s get this show on the road!

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