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Greetings Hunters!

Victor Vran, an action filled next step in aRPG design, is available now for Windows and Mac(Coming Soon) – DRM-free on with a 10% discount!

In a genre that’s seen immense highs and extended lows, it seems that we’re always waiting for the secret formula for the perfect action RPG. Some say it’s all about an overwhelming amount of loot, upgrades and treats galore. Others choose to experiment with new and innovative ways to connect their players, or to give them new types of control over making their character one of a kind. Victor Vran brings its own answers to the table.

It’s a game that places movement and action first, truly putting the “action” in the aRPG, eliminating the boundaries of a traditional class system, and opting for freeform gear-based progression. A combat-oriented approach doesn’t mean that Victor Vran is lacking in the other departments either – there’s plenty of loot to collect and increasingly awesome weapons to find (including what looks an awful lot like a lightsaber) as well as innovative character progression. All that’s there, however, is enhanced by an unprecedented movement system that will have you (and up to 4 of your co-op buddies) leaping, dodging and wallrunning. It’s a game where survival is based on so much more than how hard you can hit. Exclusive Bonus
For a little something special, your copy of the game will come with a exclusive DRM-free Treasure Key! Redeem it in-game for a fountain of gold and the following goodies:

– Med Kit (Legendary) – An endless healing potion.
– Hope Destiny Card (Uncommon) – Provides additional health when equipped. Can be equipped on level 2.
– Diamond Demon Power (Uncommon) – Creates a protective shield. Can be equipped immediately.
– Gift Box – A box that can be opened for …read more

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