Weekly Sale: Last-minute gift ideas, deals up to -85%

Classic Games

Fran Bow, The Flame in the Flood, Project Highrise, Strategy First and many more

We just finished up the big big Winter Sale and you hopefully grabbed something for your gamer friends and yourself. Or maybe… maybe you just forgot about your loved ones. Hey, stuff happens, we are only human.

This Weekly Sale is a medley for every kind of gamer – like the quaint [and quite deadly] survival through The Flame in the Flood, or the managerial challenges facing Project Highrise [because that’s what grownups do for fun… right?], or adventure through the clinically messed up mind of Fran Bow [mother-in-law one-liner here].

Speaking of which, to master the holidays, one must first master the art of tactical retreat – that’s where the whole Strategy First catalog comes into play, whether it’s with Jagged Alliance or Combat Chess, you’ll need the practice.

Whatever your reasons, the deals must keep flowing! Have a browse through our last-minute gift ideas – maybe you’ll find something to love, maybe you’ll find something cheap and giftable. No judgment, only good games over here.

This Weekly Sale will last until January 1, 11 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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