This free add-on for Hand of Fate 2 is the first of big things to come

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The Dealer’s Apprentice

This is a high-stakes game, where weapons, companions, and monsters will enter the fight as the cards dictate. The stakes just got a bit higher, and it looks like 2018 will bring even more content and challenges!

But who better to talk about the future of Hand of Fate 2 than the architects of the game? Read on!

“Today sees the release of the first of our free add-ons for Hand of Fate 2 – The Dealer’s Apprentice! On starting a new run, players will unlock new Dealer-inspired customization options, while those who have completed the final challenge will be awarded the ultimate prize: a Dealer companion of their very own! To claim the Dealer’s Apprentice, simply head into the new Additional Content menu item at the start screen and select “Claim”.

The Dealer’s Apprentice is just a tiny taste of the cool ways we’ll be expanding Hand of Fate 2 in the new year. It’s no secret that we’ve been working on a full-featured Endless Mode – one that will provide both hardcore and casual players with fresh challenges and a ton of new unlockables. Beyond that (and without spoiling too much), we’ve got a brand new enemy faction in the works, even more companion characters, engaging new challenges, and some exciting new weapons and artefacts, as well as cool tweaks to a few already in the game (why should Estrella be the only one able to enjoy those flintlock pistols, amiright?).

2018 is going to be a big year for Hand of Fate 2, so stick around, folks. We’ve got plenty of tricks still up our sleeves.”

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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