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Classic Games

60% off Descent, Freespace, MDK, Earthworm Jim, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and more!

Knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s discounts on our website already, mom’s spaghetti. This weekend things get nervous and serious as a catalog containing some of our greatest classics levels up, and gets really, really TENSE. It’s discounts at a flat 60% off, complete with a fresh batch of bonus goodies to complement your games! [interplay intensifies]

We loove giving you more bang for your buck, and we love going the extra mile just for a chance to see all the various goodies and materials that make up gaming history. Among today’s games on promo you can find the following goodness:

Battle Chess 1 + 2 get manuals and a reference card! While the game in DOSBox does have an online manual of sorts, this PDF of the original manual is much nicer to look at and gives a better feel for the original game. The reference card provides players with some basic tips that are not found in the manual that delve deeper into how the game works. All in pristine condition that gives players all of the necessary information required to master the game.
Die By The Sword Cuss Pack is an official Interplay patch of sorts that adds expletives to the main character’s sound files making for a more visceral dying experience.
–The MDK “Making of” booklet (donated by user Foxhack!) gives a detailed background into the company known as Shiny Entertainment, along with some details about the creation of the first MDK title.
Redneck Rampage gets the Rides Again manual (also donated by Foxhack!) – a manual with additional information on the expansion for Redneck Rampage.
–And finally, there is the Stonekeep Thera Awakening Novella: An important piece of history that is quite heavily …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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