Weekly Sale: A little less conversation – Up to -90%

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…A little more ACTION!

At least 78% of totally NOT made-up studies have shown that talking is the cause of 78% of unhappiness in the world. Especially when one participant wants to do it and the other doesn’t.
In games, things are a little different and yet too much talking is known to put certain players off. Which makes a wordy announcement of a sale aimed at them a rather questionable choice. SO, perhaps it’s time to stop reading and start browsing our action-themed Weekly Sale before it gets bored and shoots first!

Who needs words when you got a snazzy Hat in Time? ‘Course, our little heroine does enjoy the occasional conversation with the many loopy NPCs scattered around the colorful worlds she visits during her space-hopping adventure. But let’s face it, the platforming, smacking, secret-hunting and general trouble-making is where it’s at!

Set your lasers to disintegrate! Explosive action and perilous exploration await you inside CRYPTARK‘s procedurally generated alien starships. As a fearless privateer, you must neutralize all threats lurking there with your own formidable arsenal and make their well-protected System Core go KABOOM!

The Weekly Sale ends April 09, 10 PM UTC.

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