Release: Mafia II & Mafia III

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Mafia II and Mafia III are now available, DRM-Free on Each of the three Mafia games is 50% off individually or 66% off if you purchase them all together (the Family special, if you will). Offer lasts until April 05, 6pm UTC.

Mafia II tells the highly cinematic story of Vito and Joe, two Empire Bay friends in the 50s, who start out thick as thieves. Also extortionists. Sometimes assassins. All around wise guys. As their status inside the family grows, so will their troubles, requiring them to shoot, race, punch, or simply outlast everything the criminal life throws at them.

Mafia III introduces Lincoln, a hardened Vietnam veteran who thinks he’s earned himself a fresh start, away from his criminal past. But life has other plans and those include betrayal, fierce gunfights, and brutal action, as he’s forced to carve himself a path to the top of organized crime through the sweaty, treacherous swamplands of New Bordeaux.
Boost his firepower and expand upon his dramatic story with the DLC packs Sign of the Times, Stones Unturned, Faster, Baby!, and Family Kick Back Pack.
Or simply go for the Deluxe Edition, which includes the whole lot of them.

For a more comprehensive view of all the Mafia games and DLCs, drive yourself over here.

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