Release: Faces of War + Men of War: Red Tide + Men of War: Assault Squad + Men of War: Vietnam

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Pack of War

War comes to, neatly bundled in a pack… of war. That’s Faces of War, Men of War: Red Tide, Men of War: Assault Squad, and Men of War: Vietnam – all yours in the Bundle Tower Pack of War for 75% off, or individually at -60%.

The Men of War games are a series of simulation-driven real time strategy titles. The games’ success is shared by the bond that they foster between you and the men at your command, as well as the revolutionary, detailed simulation of every aspect of the battlefield – including accurate line of sight, physics based tactical destruction & debris, or granular vehicle damage – all of which come together to form one of the most organic strategy experiences available anywhere.

Faces of War is an earlier title in the series, released prior to the massive success of Men of War, but shares many of the same unique design choices. Those same ruthless strategy experiences can be found in the remaining three titles: Men of War: Assault Squad, the Men of War expansion; and their two sequels – Men of War: Red Tide and Men of War: Vietnam , in which you will stand by a squad of Soviet Black Coats, and battle-hardened US special operatives, in their fight to survive.

There are two sides to every story in the Pack of War, available 75% off in the Bundle Tower, now DRM-free on

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