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A knife to remember

Evil Islands, a fantasy RPG with strong stealth elements, is now available, DRM-free on

Zak wakes up in a strange island, surrounded by locals who perceive him as the “chosen one”, simply because he has a metal knife in his possession. Soon, he learns that the island of Gipath was once part of a great empire but got cut off after a magical cataclysm essentially threw it back to the stone age. But what is Zak’s role in all of this and what destiny awaits him as he travels between these peculiar islands?

Apparently, being the “chosen one” means that you can also choose how to complete the various quests that people offer you. Zak will gradually level up, acquire new skills, craft or loot new gear, and even stumble upon the occasional companion that can assist him in his travels. But he doesn’t need to end each mission in a messy bloodbath – stealth can also help him get past certain obstacles, utilizing strategic planning instead of wanton violence. Yet make no mistake, fellow traveler: the Evil Islands are full of dangerous creatures and curious inhabitants, whose intentions will only be revealed to you at the most inopportune moments.

Seek your true destiny and fight the demonic entities that reside in these Evil Islands, DRM-free on

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