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110% recommended daily dose of strategy.

Telepath Tactics a strategists strategy RPG, is available now DRM-free on, for Windows and Mac OS X, with a 10% launch discount.

Telepath Tactics calls itself a Fire Emblem-style RPG (with a bit of Disgaea and Super Smash Brothers), that means a thinking man’s RPG. That means strategy, strategy, strategy. Telepath Tactics throws you into a steampunk fantasy universe with enough steam-powered mechanical golems, armored praying mantises, and floating disembodied heads to keep you on your feet. Your tactical possibilities are clear and unprecedented: build bridges, destroy landmasses, chuck a few of your enemies off cliffs, or just explode all things with steaming lava. The game also features 2-6 player local multiplayer, and a robust map/campaign editor for that good ol’ fashioned never-ending-gameplay.

Telepath Tactics, available now DRM-free on The 10% discount will last for one week, until Thursday, April 15, at 4:59 PM GMT.

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