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60% off SimCity 4, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper 2, Jade Empire, Alpha Centauri, Medal of Honor and more.

Welcome to the Electronic Art Academy – a world-class destination for the ultimate educational experience. Acquire life’s most useful skills through a variety of courses taught only by the best of the best. With scholarships that cover a whopping 60% off your tuition, now’s the time to start our education.

Among the most popular choices across our entire student base is the Management Major – world famous for its extensive course availability and taught only by the best. As an introductory course we strongly encourage the SimCity classes which will cover a number of useful life skills and act as an amazing kickoff point for those of you who decide to continue on with your specialization in Urban Planning. Our Management courses also include Theme Hospital for those who prefer to build on their experience in medicine, or unique offerings like Populous and Dungeon Keeper for those of who choose to supplement their education with a double major in Religious Studies or Evil.

Our more STEM-oriented students will also find plenty of challenge and scientific discovery by signing up for the experimental Alpha Centauri class, while our state-of-the-art Military Program will prepare you for a glorious future as a fully certified Wing Commander, a spy for the Syndicate, or a fearless footsoldier worthy of a Medal of Honor.

Class is now in session at the Electronic Art Academy – pick your major, from East Asian Studies with Jade Empire through Business Class with Theme Park and so much more! All deals are available until Tuesday, July 28, 3:59 AM GMT.

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