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Up to 75% off Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Quest for Infamy, Banner Saga, and more.

A little party never hurt nobody, so this weekend we’re organising the biggest discount social in town: the Weekend Mixer. We’ve got almost thirty high-quality titles of a varied variety for you, with discounts that range from 50-75% off!

The belle of the ball is Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition at 50% off, your perfect coffee-break game. Drop into a roguelike-like dungeon that offers 10-20 minutes worth of gameplay per-session (depending on how good you are) – it may be designed for quick plays, but it is not designed to be shallow. The Enhanced Edition upgrade includes “Daily Dungeon” leaderboards (so that you can secretly hate your friends), a whole new (terrifying) building for your Kingdom, two new classes (Chemist and Rat Monarch), new drag-to-cast combat, and pages, pages, pages worth of optimisation, bug fixes, and smaller gameplay improvements.

That’s not to say our other games can’t feel pretty tonight – Divinity: Dragon Commander is 75% off, an epic fantasy RPG in which you don’t slay the dragon – you are the dragon. Quest for Infamy is a modern throwback to the graphics, gameplay, and charm you know from old Sierra adventures – also 75% off. Wizardry 6+7 and 8, known as the pinnacles of dungeon-crawling are here as well, and of course two of the most beautiful (and ambitious) Indies ever made are guzzling the fruit-punch: we’re talking The Banner Saga (-60%) and Mark of the Ninja (-75%). Please know your limits, Mark.

It’s a true gaming Weekend Mixer on GOG.com, and the crew is here to stay until Tuesday, April 28, 3:59 AM GMT.

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