Release: Infested Planet: Trickster’s Arsenal DLC

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Up to 75% off the base game and DLC!

Infested Planet: Trickster’s Arsenal, in which you take command of weather Space Marines to push back a relentless wave of aliens, just got bigger. The base game and new DLC are 66% and 75% off respectively for 24 hours!

Infested Planet is about striking hard and killing lots of squishy alien bugs. There’s no shame in a brief tactical retreat when you’re outnumbered 1000:1, just make sure you finish the job. The Trickster’s Arsenal DLC is here to make that job a bit more efficient, and a whole lot more exciting. You’ll get seven new commander abilities to call forth in a time of need, a completely new alien mutator structure, and an ironman mode for the insane.
You can get the base Infested Planet game with a 66% discount, and trick out the experience with the new Trickster’s Arsenal DLC at -75%.

Pull an explosive ace out of your sleeve in the Infested Planet: Trickster’s Arsenal DLC. The discounts will last until Saturday, April 25, 4:59 PM GMT.

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