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Independence Daily.

The Westport Independent, a dying-newspaper simulator, is available now DRM-free on for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A newspaper is like a living organism. It feeds on its immediate ecosystem of newsworthy events, metabolizes them, then in turn provides conversation fodder for all those stale watercooler discussions. But once it outlives its function, it is gradually left to die.

The Westport Independent is fighting for its life, and as the editor-in-chief you need to ensure it goes out with a bang. Carefully choose what to publish, what to hush, and who to side with. You have the power to both cause a riot and subdue one, sedate the public or ruffle some high-up feathers. And what about those popular gossip pieces that everyone pretends not to read on their way to work? Run them and print money, or swap them out for that thought-provoking editorial — thus securing your writers’ appreciation and future unemployment. Whatever your decisions, they will make headlines and help shape a nation. You better write that down, son.

Manage the perils and the press-tige of running The Westport Independent, DRM-free on

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